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Ten best land marketing ideas to use in 2022

Ten best land marketing ideas to use in 2022

Selling land is tricky, but your company can stand out, attract more clients and close more deals without extra effort with the correct real estate marketing methods using video.

Landowners are more willing to list with an agent who uses video to market their land, according to 73 percent of respondents. However, despite the importance of video in the land buying process, only 10% of recent sellers felt their agent used it effectively to market their land.

We put up ten suggestions to help you improve your real estate video marketing approach and generate more leads, clients and sales.

Create a social media plan

More than one-third of real estate agents said they closed at least one transaction a year due to their social media activity. Furthermore, 60 percent of the agents polled believe that social media is more significant than a website. So if social media isn’t already a part of your marketing strategy, it should be.

Start a YouTube channel

With 122 million active daily users, YouTube is a video giant that deserves its spot on our real estate marketing ideas list. 

Take virtual land tours on film.

The initial step in buying land for 44% of recent buyers was to look at listings online.

Create virtual land tour videos to make visitors feel like they’re standing on the land to make your property listings stand out.

Experiment with social media sponsored ads.

While social media allows you to reach many people organically, paid advertising puts you ahead of potential consumers and sellers.

Here are a few instances of how realtors might take advantage of paid advertisements:

  • Add a pixel to your site to retarget visitors who look at specific properties.
  • Upload your email list and target ads to people in specific demographics, such as those trying to buy investment properties or those looking to sell their land.
  • Create a bespoke Facebook ads audience for people in your area to spread the word about your firm to a whole new group of people.

With your agency, make “about me” films.

Only one real estate agent was interviewed by 73 percent of buyers, and only one was contacted by 82 percent of recent sellers before making a decision. People don’t go “shopping” for real estate agents and you can’t expect them to find you. Therefore, you must get your agency in front of as many individuals as possible to boost public relations and make your brand relatable.

Request testimonials from clients.

The most crucial characteristic that customers look for in a realtor is their track record. However, as a real estate specialist with years of experience points out, confidence in real estate is difficult to explain.

Trust is a complex notion to grasp in real estate. Purchasing real estate is a significant financial investment, but it is also a big lifestyle decision that affects your day-to-day life. Allowing previous clients to speak for you is the most effective way for real estate marketers to gain the trust of their prospects.

However, simply asking customers for online reviews isn’t enough. You’ll need a method for quickly disseminating those reviews and getting them in front of potential buyers.

Create an email list and send out videos regularly.

You may have direct access to prospects and consumers via email lists. In addition, send out monthly newsletters with helpful information, including buyer and seller recommendations and new property listings.
Please send it to your list whenever you make a new video. Including the term “video” in the subject line of an email increases open rates by 6%, making it simple to notify clients of new properties.

Add videos to your blog entries to improve your SEO.

While including videos in blog posts may not help you rank higher, they tend to enhance metrics such as time on page because people will stay on your site longer to view your videos. 

Spending more time on your website can help you rank higher in search engines. As a result, videos allow you to rank better in search results by indirectly boosting your SEO.

Make explanatory videos about trending topics.

If you can get access to a hot issue about real estate in its initial phase, it can help you gain traction and perhaps become viral. First, use Google Trends to find out what’s hot right now. Then, search for fundamental estate-related topics to see if Google forecasts a surge in interest.

Produce virtual staging videos

According to 22% of agents, staging properties helps them sell faster. So virtual stagings are a no-brainer, especially now that more people are looking at properties online.

Add Land Leadership to your Land Marketing plan.

Land Leadership looks ahead; we aren’t short-sighted when faced with constant change; we look ahead to see what’s coming up; next, we’ll adapt to new information and peek around the corner. Land Leadership offers a comprehensive internet marketing strategy that includes many marketing methods and best practices. Examples are substantial Pay Per Click campaigns, ongoing SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, mobile marketing and content marketing.  In addition, our digital marketing reaches out to a vast network of digital touchpoints with which our clients can connect daily.

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